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10 most beautiful

Sites to visit

in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

A stay in an archipelago is a trip with drawers, especially in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon where the islands are so close and so easy to access in the summer season. From one island to another, the atmosphere and landscapes change and each time it is a new experience completely different from the previous one. A piece of advice that cannot be repeated enough: do not visit Saint-Pierre without seeing Miquelon!

Facing Saint-Pierre, the small city, Miquelon seems immense and wild. In the middle of summer, the “Big Island” is like an Eden far away from the hustle and bustle. Here, the tides and the herds of horses set the pace. All you have to do is let yourself be won over by this unspoiled beauty. Plan two days for these Miquelon must-sees.


1. The Arch Museum & Archives

Discover this cultural place, which houses both the Archives and the Museum of the Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. In a quality scenography, immerse yourself in the great history and the small stories of the archipelago… including that of the guillotine, preserved here in memory of the past.

2. The Nature Interpretation Center

On leaving the museum, the tomb of Anne-Claire du Pont de Renon, who died in 1770. This monument, the oldest in the archipelago, is very easy to access: in the cemetery, in the center of the village. The tombstone refers to an important page in our history, dating from before the French Revolution of 1789. Wife of the Governor of the time, Anne-Claire du Pont de Renon was there when the Acadian families driven out by the Great Upheaval came to settle in Miquelon after 1763. She died before most of them left for the Magdalen Islands.

3. The Heritage Museum

If you enjoy learning about the history of the archipelago, the Heritage Museum is a must. It displays objects that testify to the social, economic and religious development of the last two centuries.

4. The “Île-Aux-Marins”

Outside the port of Saint-Pierre, Ile-aux-Marins, buffeted by winds and waves, long witnessed the fate of a community of fishermen and pioneers. The remnants of the intense human activity undertaken by the inhabitants, who often faced harsh living conditions, can be observed by visiting the wharf, the cemetery, the gravel-strewn landscape, the gardens and the school.

The guided tour is leaving from Saint-Pierre. Meet on the Ile aux marins shuttle wharf (15min crossing). End of the tour at the Achipelitude Museum, Ile aux marins.

Around the village

5. The Cormorandière

A round-trip walk for a view that’s well worth the trip, because the Cormorandière valley never disappoints. On the way, discover the fauna and flora that surrounds you—the natural heritage that makes the archipelago so rich!

6. The Anse à Henry

The Anse à Henry path is very well marked and has amenities (benches) available for your use. The path follows yellow and green markers. At the second stop, stay on the same trail because the other itinerary goes in the direction of Cap au Diable.

A little further away
in the middle of nature

7. The “Chemin des bœufs”

Here, we take pleasure in discovering and rediscovering the changing and exotic landscapes of our island according to the seasons. Whether you want to walk for a short time or for several hours, many marked trails are available to you. To know them, we advise you to consult the Nature Guide of the Collectivity, you can also get an IGN map, consult the entrance signs of these paths or simply come to meet our team of advisors at the Tourist Information Center!

8. The Anse à Dinand

Discover the scents and colors of three natural settings typical of the archipelago: the bog, the subarctic meadow and the undergrowth. A complete immersion in the natural environment of the archipelago and one of the most splendid views of Miquelon-Langlade Island, with the possibility of spotting marine mammals from the shore!

9. Belliveau

Start from the end of the Route de Mirande, then simply follow the coastline. Once you arrive at Anse de Belliveau, return via les Buttes à Sylvain, then les Buttes de Michaux.

10. The Isthmus

The Miquelon-Langlade Isthmus is a sedimentary barrier beach – otherwise known as a tombolo – linking the two peninsulas of Grande Miquelon and Langlade, in the Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon archipelago. Part of the isthmus is protected by the Conservatoire du littoral.