One archipelago TWO DESTINATIONSto discover

Our exceptional islands

Amazing, this French archipelago off Newfoundland and the Maritime Provinces! In this little piece of France, you will be kindly welcomed and immediately disoriented by the language, the gastronomy, the wines, the parties, the music… Far from the traditional atmosphere of Canada, which is so close.

One archipelago

Two destinations

Located not far from the maritime provinces of Canada, about 20 km from Newfoundland, the archipelago includes two main islands: Saint-Pierre, the port city and Miquelon-Langlade, the nature island.

The archipelago is also made up of the unavoidable Île aux Marins and several uninhabited islets.

Here the fauna and flora are preserved, with landscapes “land and sea” of full nature where wild horses, whales, seals or birds will catch your eye.

The history of these islands is also exceptional: after Jacques Cartier took possession of them in 1536, this territory only became definitively French in 1816. Populated by French from Normandy, Brittany and the Basque Country, as well as Acadians settled in Miquelon, this archipelago keeps many traces of its past: come and discover the history of the Great Fishing, Prohibition and smuggling, human adventures that have punctuated its history, since the Amerindians 5000 years ago.


The port island

The city of Saint-Pierre developed around a cove protected by several islands. As early as the 16th century, this natural harbor attracted large fishing and trading vessels, as well as most newcomers. Here, let yourself be surprised by our museums, our restaurants, our bakeries, our pastry shops, our wine shops, our boutiques, or even the Post Office and its famous stamps… Saint-Pierre is a friendly little town with colorful houses, with spaces of total serenity like the Ile aux Marins… but also lively bars, where inhabitants and tourists share “Le verre de l’amitié” until late in the evening.

An excursion not to be missed: the Île-aux-Marins. Here, time stopped almost a century ago: the houses, the school, the church, the lighthouse… are still there, as if by magic. Not a sound, except the singing of the sea and the birds: you are in another world!


The nature island

The island of Miquelon is linked to Langlade by a 12 km long sandy isthmus (called La Dune), which was the scene of many shipwrecks. Since the 19th century, these islands have become the center of agricultural activities of the archipelago, with cultivation and breeding, but also a Mecca for coastal fishing. Scallops, lobster, goose and duck foie gras… these islands are full of delicious specialties! Looking for tranquility, hiking and observation? With its landscapes of ponds, its beaches and its dunes as far as the eye can see, discover Miquelon-Langlade, a small paradise rich in fauna and flora. Come and contemplate this breathtaking nature and recharge your batteries…

Must-see sites

to discover on each island

Whether it’s Miquelon, Langlade, the Isthmus or Saint-Pierre, it’s through visiting sites that one can better discover their jewels…