Gourmet Islands

We like to work with our products to bring out the best in them. We like to evolve our culinary know-how while preserving the French traditions with our Saint-Pierre and Miquelonnais touch. As French people, Saint-Pierrais and Miquelonnais are gourmands! Here, bakeries and pastry shops offer good bread, pastries and cakes resolutely French: nuns, chocolate eclairs, strawberry tarts… A treat for the eyes and the stomach! We also like to taste good wine accompanied by delicious cheeses: brie, camembert, goat’s cheese…. This is how French the archipelago is! However, we must not forget our proximity to Canada and it is not uncommon to find culinary similarities with our neighbors!

Fruits & Vegetables

1. The ligne verte

Discover a farm with a unique concept. Ligne Verte produces fruits & vegetables as well as aromatic herbs year round. The company was founded in May 2020 and offers, in addition to its plants, many processed products from their production.

Crop and animal farming

3. La Ferme de l’Ouest

This farm specializes in lamb and fattened duck production. Using the animals raised on the farm, the owners make fine gourmet preserved and semi-preserved products. Light fruit jams are also made using locally-grown fruit. Everything you need to prepare delicious sweet and savory dishes!

Poultry farming

4. The Volière des Îles

The main activity of this poultry farming business is the production of eggs for consumption. They also raise pheasants and will soon add meat chickens. This is THE place to go if you’re crazy about egg dishes, from soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs to eggs mimosa and beyond!


5. La brasserie artisanale de l’anse

Laura and Gwenaël have been brewing their own beer for private consumption for 10 years now. Passionate with a real desire to share their production, they decided to professionalize and launch their micro-brewery by creating the “Miqu’Ale”. Their know-how and pride in producing a local product are sky-high.

Cheese maker

6. Le grand large

This cheesemaker offers a large selection of goat cheeses

Fish & seafood

7. Poissonnerie Paturel La Boucanière

Fish and seafood lovers, this is the place for you! You’ll be able to find out about fish filleting and seafood processing, buy cooked fish or lobster and taste smoked fish products. Not familiar with recipes that use smoked fish? This is a great opportunity to discover a few!