Islands of know-how

Around here, we love manual work… Our islands have talent and like to share it with you! Wood, leather, clay… The local craftsmen offer you a wide range of objects of all kinds, with different materials, and made locally. Bring back an exceptional souvenir of your trip !


1. Anne Créations

Decorative objects or creative leisure materials, postcards to send or souvenirs to take away, in this store, all objects will charm you…

2. La Galerie d’Art du Jardin Fleuri

The Jardin Fleuri Art Gallery, inaugurated in February 2019, is dedicated to the exhibition and sale of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon’s artisanal products. Leather work, driftwood, paintings, philatelic books and many other wonders await you at this Artisan florist who is constantly reinventing himself!

3. Chéri’K Créations

The publishing house Mon autre France® was born in January 2020 in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. The editorial line, dedicated to the French Archipelago, explores all genres but one place: our nugget located in the beautiful North Atlantic region, close to the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, the Magdalen Islands, Nova Scotia, Quebec. Through children’s books, cookbooks, memoirs, history books, calendars, coloring books and any other support, we will be quality ambassadors for our Archipelago. You don’t know this corner of France in the North Atlantic: this is for you! You know this part of France in the North Atlantic: this is for you! Sometimes we will be serious, sometimes we will want to play, to laugh, sometimes we will want to know more about the history of the archipelago. Sometimes we will invite you to read, write and imagine, interpret the words of our authors. In short, get ready to travel and to get closer to the inhabitants of this place, even if you are from elsewhere.

4. Ré-Créations

The Gifts and Souvenirs of the Islands Boutique
The objects presented in the store promote the culture and heritage of the islands. Discover a craft : painting on porcelain. Unique pieces entirely realized and painted on the spot by hand. The originality: to personalize the products in this workshop of artistic creation.

The Perfumery
Find your favorite fragrances: a selection of the greatest brands of luxury perfumes in “Duty Free”.

5. Art Passion

In Miquelon, there is a shop-gallery presenting local products: gastronomic specialties (preserves, jams, alcohols…) and crafts.

You can also take advantage of the cafeteria area which offers cakes and hot drinks.