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1. Miquelon Museum

In this small museum that bears witness to the Acadian origins of the island’s inhabitants, there are many astonishing objects illustrating their customs and activities: a visit back in time!

2. The Arche, Museum and Archives

Discover this cultural place, which houses both the Archives and the museum of the Territorial Collectivity of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. In a quality scenography, immerse yourself in the great history and the small stories of the archipelago… including that of the guillotine, preserved here in memory of the past. Numerous events are offered throughout the year (exhibitions, animations, workshops, shows, conferences, etc.): something to fascinate young and old alike!

3. The Heritage Museum

If you are sensitive to the history of the archipelago, the Heritage Museum is a must for you.

4. The Archipélitude Museum

Located in the former public school of l’Île aux Marins, as well as in the Maison Jézéquel and the Maison Grise, this museum houses part of the collections belonging to the Association de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine de l’Archipel (association for the conservation of the archipelago’s heritage): objects from the past illustrating everyday practices and traditional know-how, in a period setting!

The guided tour is leaving from Saint-Pierre.

Autour du village

5. The Micro-Folie

The Micro-Folie Saint-Pierre is a free digital cultural space for the general public. It welcomes the public for various events and exhibitions, and opens its doors twice a week for free visits to discover the four modules that make it up.

– The Digital Museum: Available in several languages, this virtual gallery of more than 2,000 works of art from the greatest national and international museums (the Louvre, Versailles, Universcience, etc.), visible on a giant screen connected to touch-screen tablets, allows each visitor to obtain, at his or her own pace, all the information on the works of art that hold their attention.

– The Virtual Reality space: Fly over the Mont-Blanc, swim with dolphins, walk in the Bar at the Folies Bergères by Manet… all this becomes possible in the Virtual Reality space of the Micro-Folie Saint-Pierre, thanks to headsets offering 360° content.

– The stage area: Concerts, conferences, shows of all kinds take place on the stage area of the Micro-Folie, organized with local artists or elsewhere!

– The toy library : Books, games, workshops, crafts, this playful and friendly space allows the whole family to express their creativity and learn while having fun.

Wonder, learn, surpass yourself, have fun, create and share, such are the experiences that the Micro-Folie Saint-Pierre promises, it’s up to you to make it your own! You can come alone from 12 years old and access the virtual reality space without being accompanied by an adult from 13 years old.