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Achitecture and heritage

Pedestrian circuits


From May to October, the Cultural Mediation Service offers guided walking tours in downtown Saint-Pierre, at the cemetery and at Ile-aux-Marins.

They are available in French or English and include the museum entrance fee.
For days and times, see the practical information or contact us. Reservations several days in advance are recommended, especially during the high season (July-August). Do not hesitate to contact us.


Historical tour of the city

A loop through the city’s old districts to discover the various key themes that run through Saint-Pierre’s history and heritage: fishing, housing, the different types of architecture, fires and prohibition.

Departure and arrival at the Arche Museum


Learn more!

  • the fishery
  • habitats
  • the architecture
  • fires
  • the prohibition



7 days a week from May 2 to October 31 (except holidays), at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm.

Pedestrian circuits

All different and of varying duration

Chaque itinéraire est différent mais tous sont complémentaires.
Le choix est vôtre !

The Île-Aux-Marins1h45
The Prohibition1h45
The cemetery1h00
Architecture & heritage1h45
Territory of France1h00