©Tour "Découverte du milieu marin" organisé par l'école de voile municipale, au large de Saint-Pierre, autour du Grand Barachois et des côtes de Langlade, Saint-Pierre, le 20 juillet 2016 |Jean-François Marin

1. Discovery of the Marine Environment

Accompanied by your guide, you will sail and enjoy a breathtaking view of the mossy coasts where puffins nest, of the cliffs where history is written in the rock and of the seals lying in the sun in a small hidden cove. All the richness of the natural heritage and the charm of the islands from the sea: an essential tour to plan during your stay.

2. The Barachois Tour by zodiac

Leave from Miquelon for this original tour: after a few minutes by bus, board a zodiac with a guide to discover the lagoon and admire the Grand Barachois site, with its colony of seals and birds. Unforgettable!

3. Marine wildlife observation tour

With this tour at sea, no circuit is planned. We leave you in the hands of the captain of the ship “Jeune France” and his sharp eye to try to meet the marine mammals with respect.

4. The Grand Colombier tour

The island of Grand Colombier is a natural reserve for migratory birds. You will be able to observe several species present in large numbers. You will pass by the fort of Ile-aux-marins where the cannons defended the islands against successive assaults by English and French naval forces. You will finally see the wreck of the Transpacific.

5. Towards the Cap Percé

Discover or rediscover the pleasures of an afternoon at sea while letting yourself be carried away by the comments of our guide. On the program: meeting with seals, relaxation with breathtaking landscapes, including our famous Cap Percé. Let us guide you and relax…

6. Discover nature by sailboat

Adopt the soul of a sailor for a trip aboard the Puffin: thanks to this 9-meter sailboat, whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, you will be able to get close to the Grand Colombier and the islets of Saint-Pierre: an escapade that will make those who don’t have sea legs jealous.

7. Towards Pointe Plate

Come aboard the ship “Jeune France” for a sea trip that will take you to explore the western coast of Langlade. Anchored off Pointe Plate, admire the lighthouse and discover the beauty of Langlade’s wild coastline.

8. The Dérive

Pedal boats and kayaks for rent on the Savoyard pond, next to the only supervised lake in Saint-Pierre. It is also a place of small restoration (snack). Minimum age: 12 years old or accompanied by an adult. Must be able to swim 25 meters. La Dérive offers a guaranteed escape during a stroll along the water.

9. Swimming in the sea or in fresh water

Swimming with fins, long distance; snorkeling.

Equipment rental possible, neoprene wetsuit, hood, gloves, slippers, fins, masks and snorkels, safety buoys.