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100% natural site

Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement

It is this omnipresent nature that the MNE, the Maison de la Nature et de l’Environnement, celebrates and makes accessible to all.

A place of exhibition


Inaugurated in May 2017, open year-round, its 200 square meters of permanent exhibition are an invitation to go out into the field and explore, throughout the archipelago, a mostly preserved natural environment. A large building made of natural wood, weathered by the sun, it is located in the center of the village of Miquelon. Thanks to this structure and the activities offered there, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon has reinforced its appeal as a nature destination.


The interpretation center

Once reserved for the most seasoned of our visitors, the main natural environments of the archipelago are now accessible to all.

You have heard that in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon you can walk through a forest… by walking on it. Do the words “boreal forest” vaguely ring a bell? What is that bird you heard yesterday during your walk in Mirande?

The Interpretation Center will provide you with the answer to all your questions. It is designed for both the local population and for visitors to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon who both need a place to learn about the natural environment. Make no mistake, the MNE is not a showcase. It is a place of passage, popularization and teaching. It invites you to explore in the field. Interactivity is the key word!

It’s up to you to test it!

  • sensory niches (small spaces where you sit and listen)
  • the manipulation modules
  • touch screens
  • scent traps (want to smell the cranberry? go ahead!)
  • Puzzles
  • a 20-minute film with English subtitles
  • a hypnotizing 3D model, “favorite of the public”.
  • 7 minutes in a loop that tells you about our islands.



The House of Nature and Environment is open all year round
7 days a week from May to the end of September
From Monday to Saturday for the rest of the year

Guided tours

All different and of varying duration

Don’t expect us to tell you which one to choose!
These routes are all beautiful. Each walk reveals a different aspect of Miquelon-Langlade. Do them all!

The isthmus5h00
The grand Barachois3h30
The Cormorandière2h00
The Cap3h30
The "nid de l'Aigle"4h30