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The most beautiful


According to your desires, your level and the weather, discover the most beautiful spots of hikes, walks and treks to do in Saint-Pierre.


1. Anse à Dinand

Discover the smells and colors of three typical natural environments of the archipelago: the peat bog, the subarctic grassland and the undergrowth. A total immersion in the nature of the archipelago and one of the most beautiful views of the island of Miquelon-Langlade with the possibility of seeing marine mammals from the coast!

2. La Vallée des 7 étangs

Take a walk in the undergrowth of the archipelago and discover the birds that frequent it. At the end of the walk, enjoy a superb view of the Ile-aux-Marins. This walk is highly recommended for birdwatching enthusiasts!

3. Horseback riding in Saint-Pierre

Explore the nature of the island of Saint-Pierre on horseback under the supervision of the local riding club. For horse and nature lovers, this is a must! Please note that, depending on the weather, the rides may be postponed, cancelled or offered as lessons in the riding school.

4. The Anse à Henry

The Anse à Henry trail is very well marked and facilities (benches) are at your disposal. The path follows a yellow and green marking. At the second stop, stay on the same trail because the other route goes towards Cap au Diable.

Autour du village

5. The Cap au Diable

Start from the parking lot of Frecker Pond (above the old refrigerator). Follow the Anse à Henry trail and then turn northwest toward the Cap au Diable pond. The return is done by the trail of Anse à Dinan (arrival at the end of the road of Anse à Pierre). A second option is possible: after the Etang du Cap au Diable, return by the Etang du Télégraphe to go back to the city at the place called “tournant de l’Anse à Pierre” or at the parking of the Etang Thélot.

6. The Diamant

Departure from the first parking of Le Diamant. Head towards the Pointe du Diamant then the Savoyard beach and finish your loop by returning to the starting point. This loop can be done in both directions, depending on the wind direction for example.

7. L’Étang du Télégraphe

Start at the lookout on the Anse à Pierre road and walk to the Étang du Télégraphe. Return by the Etang du Trépied, you arrive at the parking of the Etang Thélot.

8. l’Île-Aux-Marins

Start at the “Maison Jézéquel” (big blue house near the landing stage), take the central path and go left towards the Fort. Then go down to the wreck of the Transpacific. Continue along the pebble beach towards the small hill. Go back down to the central path and continue to the Lighthouse at the other end of the island. From the Lighthouse, go to the wash house (grey house) then take the path behind the church and continue on the pebble bank to the Petit Havre. Finally, go back to the Maison Jézéquel by the main path.