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The most beautiful


Walks, hikes and treks in Miquelon

According to your desires, your level and the weather, discover the most beautiful spots of hikes, walks and treks to do in Miquelon.


1. From the lagoon to the dunes

The sea to the east, the sea to the west, come and spend a day in the dunes! At the edge of the Grand Barachois lagoon, you will observe shorebirds, seals, Canada geese, all accompanied by the chatter of sea birds. The isthmus is also an opportunity to stroll over a fertile land, where agriculture is still present.

2. The Cormorandière Valley

A round-trip walk for a view that’s well worth the trip, because the Cormorandière valley never disappoints. On the way, discover the fauna and flora that surrounds you—the natural heritage that makes the archipelago so rich!

3. Extreme north of the islands

Discover the cliffs of the Cape of Miquelon, as well as the site’s fauna and flora. Take advantage of a spectacular vantage point to observe the wilderness and maybe even spot an American bald eagle! You’ll be treated to a breathtaking, life-size panoramic view!

4. From east to west (Cape of Miquelon)

The Cape of Miquelon is definitely worth a visit. The scenery is breathtaking and the plant life is rich and diverse. This walk offers every chance to observe deer! The developed trails make this itinerary accessible to most!

5. Belliveau

Start from the end of the Route de Mirande, then simply follow the coastline. Once you arrive at Anse de Belliveau, return via les Buttes à Sylvain, then les Buttes de Michaux.

6. Cap Corbeau

Start at the Sainte-Thérèse Chapel and go to the Chemin de la Vierge. Walk to the intersection of the path leading to la Belle Rivière, walk along La Belle Rivière and go up towards the top of the cross. To return, take the Chemin de la Butte au Thé and the fields that overlooks the Anse du Gouvernement.

7. The Anse aux Soldats

Start at the pebble bank, then head towards the end of the Anse du Gouvernement. We recommend that you follow the road to get to the Fond de l’Anse (the river, rarely dry, is often an obstacle to get to the Fond de l’Anse by the shoreline). The path goes through the summit of Tête Pelée, then crosses a floodplain before beginning a descent through the woods towards a clearing that overlooks the Anse aux Soldats. Follow the same directions in reverse to go back.

8. The Grand Barachois Lagoon

Come spend a day on the dunes, bound by the ocean to the east and west! At the edge of the Grand Barachois lagoon, you can observe shorebirds, seals and Canada geese while listening to the chattering of the seabirds. On the Isthmus, you’ll also have an opportunity to walk on fertile land, where farming is still practiced.